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Love: Art, Ideas, Music, Politics is an eclectic collection of musings on love that will inspire and challenge you to reflect on what love is. It includes essays, creative non-fiction, poetry, artworks, songs, photographs and drawings. This book invites readers on a journey to find out what love means to us today.

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Love: Art, Ideas, Music, Politics started with a group of friends reading and talking about loveā€¦

It morphed into two love festivals, first at Minto in 2014 and then at Wollongong in 2017 where we held discussions about how to deepen solidarity and peace, build strong communities and lessen alienation and inequality. We danced and sang, wrote about love, watched films and shared meals together while trying to figure out what love means through art, ideas, music and politics.

This book was born out of the desire to keep nurturing the solidarity networks that developed out of the festivals. Nobody really wanted to go home! So we decided to invite everyone involved in the love festival to contribute to a book where we could further develop our practice and understanding of love.

All proceeds from sales of Love: Art, Ideas, Music, Politics will go towards future Love events.

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